Curtis Wheatley - Jenks, Oklahoma
1966 Ford Mustang #34 - Originally driven by Ted Yeager, Bob Johnson, Don Sessler, and Walt Hane

This 1966 Trans-Am Mustang, Ex-Tom Yeager/Bob Johnson/Walt Hane/Don Sessler Team Car. It is restored as it was raced in 1966 Trans-Am. The car competed in 7 National Championship races. (2) 1st places, (1) 2nd Place, (1) 4th Place.

This Shelby American sponsored Trans-Am Mustang carries several significant accomplishments to its credit.

First: for the 1966 Trans-AM  season, Ford Motor Company was Awarded the Manufacturer's Championship with a total of 46 points; the Yeager/Johnson Mustang had won 30 of the 46 points.

Second: Ford Motor Company learned what a huge following Trans-AM racing had developed.and how it could help in product identification for the sale of new Mustangs.

And Third: Shelby American's sponsorship of the Yeager/Johnson Trans Am Musatng led to an all out campaign for the Trans Am Championships which they won in 1967 and again in 1969 when they announced their retirement from the racing scene.

Bonner Sam gives Tom Yeager the Checkered Flag for First Place in the 1966 Virginia International Raceway's Trans Am race. The 1966 win at VIR was Ford's first Trans Am victory.
    Bob Johnson and Tom Yeager in the VIR winner's circle in 1966.

Documented History:

May 14,1966 - Cumberland, Maryland. Car #11. 1st Place.  Tom Yeager/ Bob Johnson.
June 5,1966 - Mid-Ohio, Lexington, Ohio. Car #34. 3rd Place. Tom Yeager/ Bob Johnson.
June 9,1966 - The June Sprints. Grayling, Michigan. Car #34. 1st Place. Tom Yeager/Bob Johnson.
June 12,1966 - Mid-America Raceway, Wentzville, Missouri. Car#56. 1st Place. Tom Yeager/Bob Johnson.
June 18,1966 - Road America.Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin. Car #34. 1st Place. Tom Yeager/Bob Johnson.
July 2,1966 - Mid-America Raceway, Wentzville, Missouri. Car #56. 1st Place. Tom Yeager/Bob Johnson.
July 10,1966- Bryar Motorsport Park, New Hampshire. Louden, New Hampshire. Car #34. 2nd in class, 4th overall. Tom Yeager/Bob Johnson.
July 31,1966 VIR- Virginia International Raceway, Danville, Virginia. Car #34. 1st Place, 1st Place O.A. A-Sedan. Tom Yeager/Bob Johnson.
August 14,1966 - Marlboro Raceway. Marlboro, Maryland. Car #34. 4th Place. Tom Yeager/Bob Johnson/Don Sessler.
September 18,1966 - Riverside Raceway, Riverside, Califorina. Car #34
February 4,1967 - Daytona 24 Hour Race. Daytona, Florida. Car #66. 2nd Place. Tom Yeager/ Walt Hane.

Ex-Tom Yeager- Bob Johnson Team Car.66,67,68 Daytona.
Ex-Tom Yeager- Walt Hane Team Car- Daytona 1966-67.

Tom Yeager autographs the restored Mustang he raced in the Trans Am series.